For Candidates

candidatesIf selling is your passion and you would appreciate assistance developing your personal marketability and your career, SalesProse should be your recruitment partner of choice.

We’d like you to partner with us. That means that you should become selected for inclusion in the SalesProse database of sales professionals and commit to the SalesProse ethos.

If you are resident in Ireland, you must be interviewed by SalesProse in person before we can place you. We promise our clients to evaluate every sales candidate in person before we submit their CV. Our clients see us as part of their hiring process. Meeting you is what our clients want us to do and we do what we promise!

Membership of SalesProse is free. You just have to invest an hour an a half of your time meeting us outside office hours at our central Dublin premises.

You should becoming a member of SalesProse because:

  1. We will meet with you in the evening or on weekends. That way, you don’t have to make excuses or take time off to meet with us.
  2. A SalesProse relationship will make you more marketable. It will help you to get the sales job you want, the promotion you crave and the salary you deserve.
  3. Unlike many of our competitors, we will not forget you as soon as we place you. We want to find you your next role and the one after that until you retire.
  4. If you need career assistance or advice, we will help you.
  5. We will contact you every three months to find out if you have moved job, are happy, actively seeking new employment or feel you could benefit from training.  We will endeavour to add value to you every time we interact with you.
  6. We will not pigeon-hole you into any particular industry or role or discriminate against you for any reason including age or disability.
  7. We will actively seek your next sales role as soon as you indicate your readiness for change.
  8. We will provide cost-free expert sales CV consultation (and unlike many agencies, we ARE experts) to all candidates during interview.
  9. We will prep you for interviews and roles more thoroughly than any of our competitors.
  10. We will actively and discreetly promote you to agreed clients, even if the client doesn’t have an open role at the time.
  11. You will enjoy preferential SalesProse Training rates.
  12. We will make special effort to find you a sales role if you have a registered disability and can sell professionally.

OK. I’m in!