For HR and Hiring Managers

hr-managerYou want a single reliable source for sales professionals that guarantees the performance of its candidates amd is accurate, urgent and fast. wants to be your first choice partner.

As a HR or Hiring Manager, here are just 15 reasons why you should place work with SalesProse:

  1. We offer a written graduated guarantee of the performance of the candidates you hire from us. This means that we share the hiring risk with you. No other agency is prepared to offer quite the same level of comfort to you.
  2. Our goal is to provide you with the fastest and most accurate service in the industry. We aim to provide up-to-the-minute CV’s of suitably qualified candidates that SalesProse has pre-interviewed and deemed suitable for your role, by close of business on the working day following your briefing. (It will initially take us time to get to this level of service).
  3. We interview candidates even if we do not have roles for them and we maintain contact with them throughout their career. This means that we have an ‘always live’ database of ready-to-go candidates suitable for all kinds of sales roles and can turn them around at short notice.
  4. Every CV we send to you will be accompanied by a SaleProse evaluation of the candidate. That means that we interview every single candidate in person before sending their CV to you. You will learn to trust our judgement and recommendations and will adopt us as an integral part of your hiring process.
  5. We do not pigeon-hole candidates into particular industries or roles. We see fruitful cross-fertilisation opportunities where many of our competitors take a two-dimensional view.
  6. We will not work without a verbal briefing and a written jobspec from you. We want to understand your requirements exactly as you do so that we get it right every time.
  7. We will never compromise quality or accuracy for speed. Getting it right will always take precedence.
  8. We will never wittingly waste your time and will apologise if we ever do so.
  9. Our fees are very competitive, transparent and agreed with you in advance. There are no hidden extras.
  10. We will always be grateful for your business and for what we learn from you and your expertise.
  11. We will be open and honest with you at all times.
  12. We will say what we will do and do what we say.
  13. We will under-promise and over-deliver at every opportunity.

OK, I’ll give SaleProse a shot!