For People with Disabilities

disabiitiesSalesProse is very interested in helping people with registered disabilities to find employment in sales.

We reserve two one-hour interview slots per week for people with registered disabilities. These are usually on Mondays and Thursdays from 12pm-1pm

To become a member of SalesProse, you must convince us in interview that you have sales potential just like any other member and that your disability will not pose an unreasonable risk or burden to potential employers.

You must accept in advance that SalesProse endeavours to match ability and facility with client requirements. If this is not possible in your case, SalesProse will tell you so and why.

It would be an unjust irony if SalesProse were to invite litigation for discrimination on the basis of disability. We will do our best to enable you, not to discriminate against you. Availing of SalesProse services will automatically mean that you indemnify SalesProse against the charge of discrimination on grounds of disability. If you cannot accept that condition of engagement, we ask you to discount SalesProse as a potential career partner.

People with registered disabilities may avail of Salesrose Sales Training at half price whether they are a SalesProse member or not. In interview, it may be recommended that you take SalesProse Sales Training. Training is optional, not mandatory. You should undertake training only if you feel that it will add meaningfully to your skillset and marketability.

As far as is practicable, SalesProse will treat you exactly as they would any other candidate. We want to do right by you.

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