How to Build Rapport in Business

  Building Rapport in Business   “We convince much more by deed than by word”   WHAT RAPPORT IS AND ISN’T Rapport simply means mutual trust. Building rapport means building trust with another person or business. The more trust we build, the warmer the relationship.  The warmer the relationship, the more likely it is that […]

News for Hiring Managers / Sales Directors / HR Managers

    SalesProse commences trading on 1st January 2017. May we tell you gently why we should be on your PSL? We are unique in Ireland because we offer the next best thing to an absolute guarantee of candidate performance (please enquire). That means that you can relax in the knowledge that your SalesProse hire […]

SalesProse Ltd. Launches 1st Jan 2017 – News for Candidates

SaleProse Ltd. will commence trading on 1st January 2017.  Please see our mission statement. If you are a sales executive, sales manager, sales director (or want to become one), you can meet with us outside business hours. This means that you do not have to make excuses, take time off or use holidays to consult […]