missionSalesProse’s mission is to become the recognised first-choice recruitment consultancy for sales professionals in Ireland by December 2017.

This will be achieved by:

  • Saving money or making money for our clients through unparalleled efficiency in the provision of suitably talented salespeople
  • Offering the best performance guarantee in the Irish market
  • Nurturing and maintaining career-long relationships with our candidates
  • Maintaining at least a 90% ‘Live’ database of excellent salespeople at all times so that clients experience the fastest turnaround service in the industry
  • Interviewing every candidate in person before they meet our clients or, where that is not possible, interviewing them by phone and/or video-conference
  • Providing open and honest candidate appraisal with every CV presented to clients including ‘work-ons’ for example
  • Offering affordable best in class B2B sales training whose effectiveness is meaningfully measurable
  • Proactively and specifically assisting suitable people with registered disabilities to find careers in sales

The success of our mission will be measured by several metrics including:

  • Estimating growth in our market share of ‘first point of enquiry’ as a percentage of total ‘new B2B sales jobs on’ in the Irish market
  • The number of exclusive search requests we receive as a percentage of our overall workload
  • Soliciting, quantifying and qualifying client feedback so that we can streamline our offering to meet client expectations