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SalesProse commences trading on 1st January 2017. May we tell you gently why we should be on your PSL?

We are unique in Ireland because we offer the next best thing to an absolute guarantee of candidate performance (please enquire). That means that you can relax in the knowledge that your SalesProse hire is going to do everything possible to meet or exceed their sales target.

Let us become your talent-spotting eyes and ears.  You will come to trust our instincts, judgement and recommendations. We will strive to become your right-hand sales recruitment service. We view your business is ours and ours is yours.

SalesProse is committed to working with the right people and that includes you.

We are human and sometimes we err. It’s our duty to get it right every time, however.  As a minimum, you want a SalesProse candidate to reach or exceed sales target, fit in culturally and meet KPI’s. So do we, so we promise that it will happen…..every time.

Please give us one shot at convincing you that we should become your strategic sales recruitment partner.  Call or text Paul Hickey on 086 6084098 at any time including weekends. (Now is a good time!)

We look forward to the prospect of working with you.

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