SalesProse Sales Training

sales-trainingMost SalesProse sales training takes place outside office hours (evenings and weekends) so you don’t have to worry about your work commitments to attend.

SalesProse sales training is cost effective at typically €60 per person per 3-hour session. Our nearest competitor charges almost three times that. Why do we offer it at such a low price? Because it is a strategic part of our main business (sales recruitment). We are smaller, leaner and we can!

At SalesProse we recognise that training isn’t teaching, lecturing or motivational speaking. It’s about transferring knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA’s) in a way that is measurable. That means that training is effective only if you can measure changes in KSA’s after each training session.  Learners either have the KSA or they don’t. We measure KSA’s by observation, multiple choice or interview. The new learning must be in line with the learner’s goals or with their employer’s goals to be valuable. At SalesProse learners certainly acquire the knowledge to do it, the skills to do it and the disposition to do their job.

SalesProse sales training is about persuasion. The principles of persuasion do not change with the latest industry hot-buttons. We believe that the better a person is at persuading, the more successful they will be in life. Our mission is to enable people to persuade in a professional context. We make potent sales professionals out of willing and talented amateurs. We open eyes and minds to greater possibilities.

Whilst we have many admirable competitors. we feel that we deliver greater learning value pound for pound. We don’t ignore the basics. SalesProse learning is logical and simple. In short, sales training is a one-stop-shop from basics to excellence.

SalesProse guarantees that you will walk out of every training session a more knowledgeable, competent, enthusiastic and above all, marketable salesperson.

We are a small company with a passion for the skills of selling. Our survival depends on delivering excellence and superb value to you. If you or your team is struggling to meet sales target, give SalesProse the opportunity to help.

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